Odor repellent

A wildlife repellent can be added to a sponge found in the upper section of the body. A gap between the roadside guide post and the body makes it easy to add wildlife repellent and ensures good dispersion of the odor. The odor repellent can be specifically used during high-risk times of the year, such as during the various mating and breeding seasons, to create a “fence of smell” as a further means for keeping wildlife away from the road. This method can also be used effectively by farmers and forest workers.

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Five fold increase in the effective radius

A multifunctional wildlife warning and protection system that combines a number of effective methods for keeping wildlife from crossing the road.

The Multiwarn Wildlife Protector acts like a crossing light for animals. It switches to “BLUE” when cars approach to prevent wildlife from crossing the road.

Our Multiwarn Wildlife Protector combines various functions within a single product. This makes it possible to increase the typical effective warning radius by five fold to 180° and optionally even further to 360°.

Blue body & light guides

Reised honeycomb pattern

Traffic safety

The body of the Multiwarn Wildlife Protector unites its various functions within a single assembly. To the animals, the body appears to illuminate blue.
The innovation at the heart of these reflectors is that they produce flashes of light that arouse the attention of wildlife.
The assembly was made slim enough to ensure that Multiwarn Wildlife Protectors are hardly noticeable to passing drivers.
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